JSDD provides GPS Machine Control Data Preparation for you MC System

GPS 3D Machine Control Data Prep

Fast turnaround.

We can quickly turnaround most GPS Machine Control Model projects like the ones below, once we have the following from you. 1. A localized CAD file with any needed XREF CAD files and 2. A latest PDF of the Civil and or Architectural drawings being used for the project. (for Roadway Projects please provide your projects Alignment Chain and Cross Section  Drawings. Also provide your projects TOPO, if available).

We have the experience of not only building GPS machine control files but also installing and operating systems in the field on various machines so we can understand and help you to get the best surface files for you job, whether it be a finish surface file, subgrade files, a combination of both, and over excavation files when needed. We will send you you the a folder with all of the files ready for your systems requirements, so you will be up and running when you receive them, (see packages below).

We can send you complete files for Topcon that include TN3, TP3, GC3, LN3, PT3 and RD3 files, for Trimble we will send you files that include TTM, PRO, SVL, and SVD, along with DWG and DFX.

We can build your models from any type of CAD source, including the latest version of Civil 3D.

Trimble files:

  • DFX and TTM Linework and Surface Files (for Trimble Data Collectors)
  • CFG, SVD, SVL and CAL, for Linework and Surface Files. (For complete Trimble Machine Control Files we will require you DC Calibration File to be sent to us)
  • 3D CAD linework that was used to build your DCM is included.
  • If you are using Trimble Machine Files running Version 12 and cannot see the text, we can provide machine files for those systems that display text.


Topcon files:

  • TN3, LN3 and TP3, Linework, Surface and Topcon Office 3D files.
  • 3D CAD Linework that was used to build your DCM is included
  • We can also provide TOPCON Control Files that come from Trimble Site Calibration so TOPCON systems can work with Trimble Systems.


Our services for Trimble and Topcon include:

  • Roadway Corridor DTM Models.
  • Streets and Subdivisions.
  • Commercial Onsite and Offsite Grading.
  • Railroad Subgrade and Ballast Dual Surface Models.
  • Utility Trench Surfaces.
  • Foundation Surfaces.
  • Point Cloud Surface Extraction

Roadway and Railroad Vertical Profile Center Line Machine Control Models

Hwy 101 California

CN Metro Link 01 CN Railroad 02

Click here to see this project on your Google Earth Software CN Metrol Link


Sitework Grading, Utility and Foundation 3D Surface Models


Subdivision Custom Lots                                                                                     Roundabouts



Commercial Sites

Large Foundations with Shoring

Ham Bus Station Google Ham Bus

Structural Excavation Foundation

Go Metro Ham Bus Facility

This project required a complex stepped subgrade in the parking lot for a pervious concrete surface. GPS Machine control in combination with accurate 3d surface files provided an efficient way to cut the multifaceted surface using a dozer to accomplish most of the work.


High Precision control work like synthetic football fields can be constructed to meet the specifications using accurate 3d data prep files and machine control.

  • Drill Hole Substrata mapping.

Soil reports can be incorporated into digital data to gain valuable information about what can be predicted below the surface, whether it's needed for small projects or large quarries. In this case it identified millions of Cubic Yards of Overburden and Valuable Rock.